A detour of worth…

‘A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.’ ~author unknown


I had another post planned, but I will save it for next time because I wanted to talk about best friends today.

I met my best friend in college. It was one of those situations where you meet and then try to remember a time when you didn’t know this person and can’t recall what it was like…one of those ‘I felt as if I’d known her my whole life’ moments. The kind of thing that happens only once or maybe twice in a lifetime, so therefore, if for no other reason, you know it’s special.

Right now my BFF is on a road trip across the country with her family (of six!), so I’ve been thinking about her a lot. Taking a road trip across the United States of America is one of those crazy dreams I hope I can accomplish one day, but right now is a figment of my imagination. So I’m pretty much in awe!

Over the years I have felt this way much of the time I’m in the presence of my BFF and her family. They are truly amazing people who emit LOVE in every way towards everyone they meet. I can be somewhat cynical, abrasive and easily the most impatient person in the world in my worst moments, but being around her family fills me with peace and a calmness I rarely experience any other time. As for what she sees in me as ‘best friend material’ I’m not really sure I’ll ever know, but I’m sure glad she picked me to share in this crazy journey!

I pay a lot of attention when others talk about their friends. One of the most interesting things is an almost imperceptible change in their eyes and voice…they light up in a way. You’ll miss it if you’re not looking for it, or maybe you’ll notice it but won’t quite pick up on what changed, but there’s a familiarity in it. You know exactly what they feel, because you feel the same way about that person who loves you no matter what, even when you are the most human version of yourself, all at your wits end about the hardships in life. They will give you a hug, listen to you ramble, ask you to be their children’s godmother and point out all the quirky things no one else seems to notice about you. And you will feel honored, and unworthy, and mostly in awe, because ten years after that first ‘hello’ in a college classroom, you still smile when you hear their name, wondering how another human being can be so different, yet fit into your life so perfectly at the same time.

Fortunately I’ve been able to experience some of their journey across our beautiful, diverse country through photos, which brings back that feeling of peace, allowing me to reflect on the beauty of friendship and its varied ways of helping us on our own journeys to become better versions of ourselves in the end.


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